Solo travel shouldn’t be scary. 

Solo travel shouldn’t be lonely.

Solo travel shouldn’t be hard.

Discover the secrets to fearless, fulfilling solo travel.

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Unlock the world by adventuring out on your own.

We’re giving you the skills to travel more confidently anywhere in the world you’ve dreamed of going, solo or not.

Whether you’re looking to take a weekend getaway or a months-long international journey, this toolkit equips you with proven strategies and personalized guidance to embrace solo travel with confidence.

Conquer Your Travel Obstacles

Safety Concerns?

Gain peace of mind with multiple safety strategies.

Feeling Disconnected?

Discover how to forge meaningful connections with strangers.

Craving Authenticity?

Uncover how to discover the hidden gem, experience local culture, and create your own stories.

Feeling Lost?

See how to set up an upcoming trip for success by researching and approaching travel differently.

The Confident Solo Traveler's Toolkit


76 Strategies for Conquering International Solo Travel Anxieties (with Confidence)


Learn practical tips and proven techniques to overcome common travel fears and explore the world solo with confidence.


  • How to stay connected abroad without breaking the bank.
  • Strategies for dealing with a fear of flying.
  • How to meet people and be social when traveling alone.

An Archaeologist's Guide to Digging up the Best Stories for Solo Travelers at Museums & Monuments


Learn from an expert in museums and monuments about how to get the best experience when you’re visiting historical places by yourself. Don’t leave your enjoyment up to some crusty old plaques.

Personal Travel Strategy Session with Dr. Marshall


Enjoy a personalized travel planning session with Marshall Schurtz PhD, an expert archaeologist and seasoned traveler. Get tips about solo travel, help planning your next trip, or just chat about archaeology. (Limited spots available)

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What You'll Get From the Toolkit

  • Conquer travel anxieties and insecurities holding you back from experiencing the world
  • Discover tips for meeting locals and forging connections with other travelers
  • Build confidence navigating new cultures safely on your own
  • Unearth the courage to explore the beautiful unknown

Merakiva Travel (the company behind this toolkit) is dedicated to building extraordinary group trips. We’re on a mission to create 10,000 new friendships and help 10,000 people discover the past. To do that, we blend social experiences, hand-crafted itineraries, and an archaeological perspective to offer some of the most unique travel adventures out there.

Our name, Merakiva, embodies this mission: ‘Meraki‘ means doing something with passion + ‘Kiva‘ that signifies ancient communal gatherings. 

For those who seek meaningful connections. For those who with the unscratchable itch to travel. For those who think history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. Merakiva is for you.

Whenever you travel, do it with passion.

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Cory J. “I’ve always had trouble connecting to museums, especially when I’m there alone, and these tips helped me actually get some relevant info and enjoy going.”

No Regrets. No Marketing BS.

We’re so confident in this toolkit, we’ll make you a deal: If you don’t find at least one strategy that makes you a more fearless and fulfilled traveler, we’ll personally help you plan your next solo trip for free.

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In fact, if you ever feel like our emails are getting too salesy, simply reply with your favorite travel meme and we’ll treat you to a (virtual) margarita on the house.

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