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About us

About Merakiva Travel

At Merakiva Travel, we believe that travel is more than just visiting popular destinations.

It is an opportunity to connect with history, immerse in different cultures, and grow as individuals. Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences that combine education, exploration, and self-discovery. With our expert guides, immersive storytelling, and carefully crafted itineraries, we aim to inspire a new generation of travelers to embrace the world with open minds and open hearts.


What is "Mērakíva"?

Merakiva is an word that embodies the mission and value of the company. It combines the Greek word “Meraki” with the Pueblan word “Kiva.”


(Greek, adv.) Loosely translated as something close to “doing something with your entire soul” or “doing something with passion.” 


(Hopi, n.) A large circular chamber in Pueblan villages where the whole community came together, often for religious ceremonies or to connect to their ancestors. 


The feeling of doing something with your entire purpose, but together with your community. We believe that travel has the power to do both.


The feeling of doing something with your entire soul, together with your community



Marshall Schurtz, PhD

Founder, President, and Chief Tour GUide

Marshall has spent over 10 years as an archaeologist, traveling the world and excavating sites in countries including Spain, Lebanon, and Iraq.

After finishing his PhD, Marshall worked in marketing, product, and strategy in education companies and corporations. Through the experience, he realized that while online learning can be a powerful tool to enable access and increase accessibility, for disciplines like archaeology and history, a focus on job outcomes left humanities by the wayside.

Taking his knowledge of developing engaging learning material and his love of travel, Marshall founded Merakiva Travel. Travel has the unique power to awaken the mind and connect us to new experiences. Travel has the power to help us learn about our world and our past. He looks forward to lead you on your tour and share his love of the past, his cities, and our world.

Check out his social media to see content about archaeology, AI, and travel.

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