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Mērakíva Travel

Group trips for the social, curious, and adventurous traveler

Our Trips Are For

Community Seekers

Join other solo and duo travelers on trips designed to create community and build connections.

Generation Wanderlust

Merakiva Trips are crafted for ages 25-45 years-old, so you can share similar energy, create future memories, and bond over shared dreams and a sense of nostalgia.

Ancient Adventures

The past isn't just something to yawn at or be in awe at. Join archaeologists and experts who bring history to life (and make it fun).

Distinctive Journeys

Experience itineraries that blend iconic landmarks with off the beaten path hidden gems. We've done the research and booking so you can just show up go, and have fun.

Young millennial woman with a tattoo walking up steps of an old city in Spain.

Passion Behind the Path

A Vision of Tourism Reimagined

Merakiva Travel was founded out of a belief that travel is not just an opportunity but a privilege. As a generation with the freedom to roam the world, we can immerse ourselves in the richness of history and archaeology, provided they’re told in a way that captivates and engages.  Through those stories we can connect to new people and unlock something in ourselves.

Go Beyond Sightseeing

Engage with the World Through Tours Designed for Discovery, Group Trips Crafted for Connection, and Adventures That Ignite Curiosity

Artistic upwards photo of the interior of the Mosque of Cordoba, with dim lighting highlight the intricate sculpting and paint.

A New Way to Wander

Turning the Past into Present Experiences

Travel isn’t just about seeing new sights; it’s about experiencing new perspectives. Our tours are built around the belief that the past has fascinating stories to tell. We create experiences that don’t just show you a place but let you feel it, connect with it, and carry it with you. Our trips are where strangers come together to write their own stories.

Featured Destination


Aerial view of the Roman Theater of Cartagena in Spain.


Andalucía is a region where diverse landscapes meet rich history. From the sun-drenched beaches to the rugged Sierra Nevada, the area offers a variety of natural scenes. Cities like Granada, Málaga, and Córdoba, are home to impressive historical sites and vibrant nightlives. The white-washed villages scattered across the beaches and mountains offer a glimpse into a slower-paced, traditional lifestyle.

While the area is steeped in history, there’s a modern vibe in its bustling streets and markets. Andalucía provides a mix of experiences, making it an inviting destination for those seeking both heritage and natural beauty.

Upcoming Trips

An exploration of Spain’s historical sites, mountainous landscapes, and beaches, with stargazing and other cultural activities.


Group Trip Destinations

Our multi-day tours, designed for travelers aged 25 to 40, combine historical expertise with local insight to uncover hidden cultural gems. 


We choose locations that blend the joy of travel – savoring food, absorbing culture, enjoying lively social scenes – with enthralling history and archaeology. 

These are places where you’ll transition from comfort and camaraderie with fellow travelers to a profound connection with a place you never expected to find.

The main cathedral of Málaga, Spain, seen from the air.



Experience Spain’s vibrant blend of old and new, where modern cityscapes meet medieval castles. Wander through historic neighborhoods, connect with traditional art forms, and indulge in flavors that have shaped a nation.



Immerse yourself in Mexico’s colorful fusion of indigenous heritage and Spanish influences. Explore ancient Aztec ruins, revel in bustling local festivities, and discover the culinary delights that make this country a feast for all senses.



Traverse Greece’s stunning blend of history and natural beauty, from the cradle of Western civilization to idyllic island escapes. Connect with age-old traditions, explore archaeological marvels, and immerse yourself in a culture that has shaped our world.



Unexpected? Iraq’s Kurdistan is a safe haven with thousands of historical sites and a vibrant culture. Explore its plains and towering mountains with an experienced archaeologist and local guide.


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Marshall’s vivid descriptions and hilarious reenactments of memorable scenes made the experience feel like a true interactive adventure.

Abe F.

Portland, OR

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