New Tour Launch! | Spain Group Trip September 21-29, 2024

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We’ve been asked many questions. Sometimes more than once. Often, frequently. 

Here are some of our answers to those questions. Is your question not here? Please reach out. Maybe you’re the one to turn it into a frequent question.


Booking a trip requires just a $500 deposit. You can spread out your other payments.

We require 50% of the remaining cost to be paid 60 days before departure and 100% to be paid 30 days before departure. 

Our booking software will prompt you to pay before each of those deadlines. At the time we don’t offer monthly installments, but you can pay each of those payments before the due date to spread out the cost more.

Great question!

For one, we began in Philadelphia and wanted to begin in our home town. Additionally, we think the same ethos that we bring to group trips can improve walking tours. Just because you’re only with your guide for 3 hours doesn’t mean it can’t be rewarding experience. 

We plan to eventually add short walking tours in our international destinations, so you can travel with Merakiva no matter how you choose to travel.

Our trips are designed for guests 25-45. That age range is intended to facilitate connections but is also targeted for an activity level that is typical for people in that age. (i.e. need some breaks but more energy than retirees!)

If you are outside that age range (21 year old or 46 year old maybe) and you would like to join, just send a quick message to make sure you would be a good fit on our trip. Odds are, you are!

This was a default question on a template. But I thought it would be fun to keep. Did you open it thinking, “why does this travel company produce steel?” Well here’s why. A bit of a fun easter egg. 

If you’ve read this far, send us an email at with the subject line “How much steel do you produce each year?” and we’ll send you a discount code.

Still no luck? we can help!